Chris March is the Assistant Managing Editor for Disruption for the Journal Register Company newsrooms in Connecticut, including the New Haven Register, Register Citizen, Litchfield County Times and Middletown Press.

What does that even mean? It means Chris is responsible for identifying areas of coverage and newsroom processes that do not adequately serve readers, and 'disrupts' these areas by seeking out new methods, technologies, platforms, and partnerships with the community and the Register's readers.

So no, it does not mean that he bursts into meetings swinging chairs around. In actuality, he's a pretty polite, and reserved dude.

Additionally, Chris is a member of the the Journal Register Company ideaLab, which is a group of forward-thinking individuals from across the company who were chosen by their peers to innovate and experiment with new technology, new platforms, and new tools and figure out ways to incorporate them into our journalistic and business ideal.

Previously, Chris was an online producer for the New Haven Register, responsible for online article presentation, audience development, and implementation of new digital tools for editorial and advertising departments. He also curated a weekly Playlists column where musical artists, both local and national, sent him themed playlists of songs.

Before joining the New Haven Register in 2010, Chris was the Promotions and Marketing Coordinator for The Mercury in Pottstown, Pa. He worked under the direction of the Advertising Director to conceive, manage and implement new initiatives, marketing campaigns and community partnerships. This included contests, community events, and management of special advertising-driven content sections

Before that, Chris wrote freelance music and entertainment articles, which appeared in Atlantic City Weekly, Origivation Magazine and The Mercury. He also regularly contributed music news to Absolutepunk.net. During this time, Chris also did a great deal of soul searching, couch surfing, cross country driving, NYC interning, table waiting and college graduating with a Bachelors in Journalism from Pennsylvania State University.

It should also be noted that Chris grew up in a newsroom, quite literally. His parents met one another at the aforementioned Mercury, and he was sitting in Page 1 meetings by the time he was 3. His parents advised demanded he steer clear of their already evolving industry, and get into something a little more lucrative. Like computers. He compromised, and began writing & publishing his own newsletters/zines in 11th grade for his high school cross country team, which he has captain of. He hasn't looked back since.