Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crowdsourcing tips and tools for journalists (Digital Ninja School Session with Mandy Jenkins)

Crowdsourcing has always been a fundamental of journalism. But there are now countless digital tools and resources available on the internet and through social media that make it that much more immediate, and accessible.

For journalists learning the latest tools and tips on crowdsourcing in the digital age, this is a great opportunity to learn more about it.

Mandy Jenkins of Digital First Media will be leading a workshop in the New Haven Register newsroom for the Journal Register Company's Digital Ninja program in Connecticut crowdsourcing tips and tools.

Update: This session has concluded. Replay the live chat below. Video replay will be uploaded later this week.

Jenkins will lead reporters, editors and photographers from JRC's CT newsrooms in a discussion on crowdsourcing tips, tools and tricks of the trade. The session is part of our program to equip our journalists and editors with today's digital skills.

Mandy Jenkins of Digital First Media (Photo/Jay Westcott)
Jenkins' blog ZombieJournalism.com is a great (and easy to follow) resource for journalists trying to figure out how best to tap into the latest social media and crowdsourcing tools available on the net.

The video console below will stream Mandy's session from 11 a.m. to noon(ish) so followers can see and hear the session for themselves. It will be replaced by a recorded version afterwards.

I will moderate a live chat during her presentation on so that other journalist and bloggers can chime in with advice, experience, examples or questions of their own. Staff from other Digital First Media newsrooms, start-up bloggers, or anyone with a general interest in the topic is invited to join us.

Some areas our journos said they hope to get out of the session with Jenkins

    • Want to learn about the entire concept of crowdsourcing.
    • Examples of what has worked and how others have gone about it. Does wording matter? How do we ask and not beg? We have been pretty successful with team of the week and star of the day voting, but it has varied from about 20 votes to almost 3,000 votes.
    • Something more than "Follow more people" or "Message more people" as legitimate responses for getting more people involved with stories or topics. It seems out of 300 or so followers, friends or "likes", only one or two continually respond to posed questions. How do we improve that?
    • How do we get people to pay attention to us when we ask for assistance. Is it possible most readers don't want to contribute?
    • How to achieve more consistency in crowdsourcing. I know there are no guarantees from story to story, but some efforts seem to work and others that seem like good ideas just fall flat.
    • We hear a lot about crowdsourcing, but I'm interested in hearing about instances where it has been successful and how it was done.
    • Expand our toolbox, please.

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