Monday, May 21, 2012

How To Get More People To Read Your Blog (Digital Ninja School Session with Mandy Jenkins)

Do you ever feeling like you're talking to a wall when you post on your blog? Why doesn't anyone comment? Why are your page view stats so low? How do you get more traffic?

For those cutting their digital teeth in blogging, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the basic best practices to building an audience that keeps coming back to you for more.

Mandy Jenkins of Digital First Media will be leading a workshop in the New Haven Register newsroom for the Journal Register Company's Digital Ninja program in Connecticut.

Update: This session has concluded. Replay the live chat below. Video replay will be uploaded later this week.

She will lead reporters, editors and photographers from JRC's CT newsrooms in a discussion on best practices for blogging and how to develop a highly engaged audience. The session is part of our program to equip our journalists and editors with today's digital skills.

Mandy Jenkins of Digital First Media (Photo/Jay Westcott)
Jenkins' blog is a great (and easy to follow) resource for journalists trying to figure out how best to tap into the latest social media and crowdsourcing tools available on the net.

The video console below will stream Mandy's session from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. so followers can see and hear the session for themselves. It will be replaced by a recorded version afterwards.

I will moderate a live chat during her presentation so that other followers and bloggers can chime in with advice, experience, examples or questions of their own. Staff from other Digital First Media newsrooms, start-up bloggers, or anyone with a general interest in the topic is invited to join us.

Three more sessions are scheduled with Mandy in New Haven this week, including a session on best practices for live chats and live blogging, which will take place later on Tuesday, beginning at 3 p.m.

Some areas our journos said they hope to get out of the session with Jenkins
  • Finding the right blogging voice -- conversational, opinionated, something else? 
  • If you have a beat blog, where do you cross the line with editorializing, personalizing - if at all?
  • What’s best discipline for blogging regularly?
  • How to decide what is worth posting on a blog. What is considered too short?
  • Does posting at certain times of day matter? Should we be be consistent with times that we post entries? Better to just post as news/thoughts come up?
  • How can I enhance my blog and make more appealing?
  • I want to learn tips, tools and best practices on how to grow audience (few dozen requests)
  • How to engage readers in ongoing discussions and encourage them to comment meaningfully
  • What to blog about during down times (particularly with seasonal sports blogs)
  • How important is SEO to growing audience?

Staff Blogs By Digital Ninjas in Training: Any Suggestions On What They Can Improve?

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